Prof. Benjamin Chain receives Merentibus Medal

"Receiving an award for services rendered to any university is of course an honour but how much more so –  to receive it from this distinguished seat of learning amongst the oldest in Europe and with an unrivalled tradition of scholarship and education, which stretches back for nearly seven centuries", said professor Chain upon receiving Merentibus Medal.

Professor Chain (University College London) was awarded Merentibus Medal on 26 April 2012. He was awarded for exceptional services rendered to the Polish science, including:

  • the support of the development of the Polish immunology;
  • osobisty wkład w nawiązanie współpracy University College London z Uniwersytetem Jagiellońskim;
  • the contribution to the co-operation between the University College London and the Jagiellonian University;
  • a long co-operation and financial support of research projects

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