2nd International Congress of Polish History

The Second Congress was an opportunity to discuss future perspectives and current research challenges, as well as the issues of teaching and popularization of Polish history, and was designed to facilitate the integration of scholars and institutions engaged in the study of Polish past and Poland's historical connections with its neighbors.

Thanks to the involvement of local institutions devoted to the teaching of history, participants were able to visit a number of important historic sites.

The congress brought together 250 speakers and consisted of 38 sessions. The main prize (the best book devoted to the history of Central and Eastern Europe of the 19th and 20th century) i.e. Professor Wacław Felczak and Henryk Wereszycki Award went to Prof. Hans Henning Hahn from Germany for Stereotyp, Identität und Geschichte monograph.

The Pro Historia Polonorum Award (for the best historical book published in a foreign language and exploring the history of Poland) went to Professor Antony Polonsky, American scholar, researching into the history of Polish and East-European Jews.

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